SIFF 2008 Diary: Day 6

Now that the Memorial Day weekend has passed SIFF has gotten a little less crazy. Still crazy for me though.

——Camille (2008)——

This movie was SO bad. But so bad in a good way, in that it went around the so bad now it is good circle of movie life. Camille is kind of a train wreck from start to finish, but so ludicrous in its melodrama that I couldn’t help but enjoy myself watching this movie. You know what it reminded me of? When you are flipping through the channels on cable in the middle of the day and you see some favorite actors in a movie, but you have no idea what the movie is, nor have you ever heard of it. Camille is one of those movies.

The basic plot is what if Junebug were even more annoying, just got married to an ex-con, and they take a honeymoon to Niagra Falls but along the way she dies in a motorcycle accident. Except she’s still walking around a talking, kind of like a zombie that doesn’t eat people. She starts to stink and lose her hair, he is no wanted for robbery and possibly murder, plus jumping parole, and along the way they meet David Carradine who runs a living merry-go-round with painted horses. Like I said, bad. But kind of unintentionally hilarious. Despite the fact that I know this is a bad movie, I still recommend you see it.


——Ploy (2007)——

This movie from Thailand from the director of Last Life in the Universe and 6ixtynin9 was a lot different from Camille, a much more arty movie about a man who flies back to Thailand for a funeral and meets a young girl named Ploy that he befriends in his hotel lobby and invites back to his room to relax while she waits for her mom. His wife is none to pleased to see the girl after a 20 hour flight and flies into a fit of jealously. As they catnap the morning away things happen that may or may not be their dreams, like an affair a maid has with a bartender in one of the adjacent rooms. Between the odd maybe fantasy sequences are some very real discussions of relationships and who we are as people. It’s an interesting film I enjoyed.


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