In Defense of Juno

I read this mini movie review on Defective Yeti and felt the need to reprint it on my blog (which some might remember used to house a great number of movie reviews from yours truly, but I digress) because I think it accurately reflects both my view of the film and that of the many people I’m now talking to who have just seen it because it was recently released on DVD:

“Aww, why the hate? Yes, it was aggressively quirky, but I still liked it twice as much as Little Miss Sunshine, to which it was often compared. I mean, at least this film was about a real issue (teen pregnancy), instead of a bunch of dilemmas as zanyfied as the characters themselves (I can’t be a pilot because I’m color-blind, waaa!). I guess this is one of these deals where hipsters liked it when it was largely unknown, but then when it got popular and started winning things they decided it must actually suck (see also: Barak Obama).” 

I know, Matthew, like totally!  Almost everyone I talk to lately hated Juno, to which I too ask: “Why all the hate?”  Beyond the unbearably quirky dialogue (seriously, never mind real people–do people in movies even talk like this?) Juno was a movie actually about something with something real to say, a movie that pro-lifers and pro-choicers could both love equally.  It had heart and joy and was fun to watch.  And everyone hates it.  And yet Little Miss Sunshine, a cookie-cutter cliche of the “indie comedy” if I’ve ever seen one, THAT people love.  That right there is the root cause of why we had to suffer through 8 years of Bush, people.

Yeah, that’s right.  I said it.  Deal with it.

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2 Responses to In Defense of Juno

  1. I have never seen the movie. I have heard great things about it, though. I don’t think I have heard anything bad about it. However, I do bet you that many people around these here parts would have issue with it. A child gettin all preggo and all that. Who daddy? He’s a kid, too? Dang. God, shoot me.

    People do tend to forget that there are real issues occurring outside of Survivor and other reality type shows. Ya know those are real, right?

    I think that real teen issues should be portrayed in films, like Juno. If anything, it opens people’s minds to what’s going on in high school. It can happen to your teens people! It can. I still think that the humor from this movie is effective, too. Even though I have not seen it, I know that they try to make it an issue but with humor. We have to have humor in our lives when shit like this happens. Otherwise, we become like worms with salt thrown on us.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Same thing happened to Lost in Translation. The hype gets way out in front of what these movies actually are, the backlash kicks in, and by the time people catch up on video, they’re wondering what all the fuss was about. And because pretty much everything has to divide into “It rocks/it sucks” now, poor little Juno and her modest charms fall into the latter category. In another ten years all those people who are bashing it now will see it again on its 15,000th HBO re-run and wonder why they hated it so much.


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