It’s a Beautiful World

If there is any great reason out there for getting a HD-DVD or Blu-ray player, and trust me, right now there are very few, that reason would have to be Planet Earth. I just burned through the first two disks on my HD-DVD player and it is just stunning. I’ve never seen High Definition picture that looked this beautiful before. The cinematography is top notch, insanely crisp and brilliant, and they take you to all of the far reaches of the globe to show you things you’ve probably never seen before, or at the very least have never seen look this good. It’s like being there. Which is fantastic, except when they show you that poor polar bear fight for life. That will just break your heart.

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1 Response to It’s a Beautiful World

  1. I love that series!! The polar bear one made me freakin cry–the walrus and his tusks hurting him and all that. Ugh. I was devastated. poor thing.

    We have HD now, and it’s awesome to watch those shows on.

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